2-Player Starter Pack

The 2-Player Starter Pack is required to play Battle Tag™. It contains:

1 x UbiConnect™
1 x Software CD
2 x T-Blasters
2 x Sendor Vests
2 x T-bases
2 x Ammo boxes

T-Blaster Expansion Kit

Invite everyone over! Imagine the fun and action playing outside and inside within a 300m radius with up to 8 players. Team Frag mode is going to be... crazy-awesome!

1 Sensor Vest
1 T-Blaster Gun

The 2-Player Starter kit is required to play BattleTag. The expansion kit is not a standalone product.

Med-Kit Expansion Pack

Add life to your game - literally

The Med-Kit Expansion pack includes

2 Med-Kits. New tactic: run towards your enemy to earn points and use the Med-Kit to increase your life points before reaching 0.

2 T-Bases. Increase the variety in your games: up to 4 teams in matches modes, more distance and check-points in races modes...